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AutoCAD app apk download v6.3.1

AutoCAD app apk download v6.3.1
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AutoCAD app apk download v6.3.1

AutoCAD is a world-famous computer-aided design software that can be used for 2D drawing, detailed drawing, design documents, and basic 3D design. The new version has added AutoCAD Design Center, a multi-document design environment, an Internet drive, new object snap function, an enhanced annotation function, and so on. If you need it, please download it!

AutoCAD software features:

1. [Plane drawing] Basic graphic objects such as lines, circles, ellipses, polygons, and splines can be created in various ways.

2. [Edit drawing] AutoCAD has a powerful editing function, which can move, copy, rotate, array, stretch, extend, trim, scale objects, etc.

3. [Dimension] You can create multiple types of dimensions, and the dimension appearance can be set by yourself.

4. [Drawing Aids] AutoCAD provides drawing aids such as orthogonality, object snap, polar tracking, snap tracking, etc. The orthogonal function allows users to easily draw horizontal and vertical lines, object snap can help pick up special points on geometric objects, and the tracking function makes it easier to draw oblique lines and locate points in different directions.

5. [Layer management function] Graphic objects are located on a certain layer, and layer color, line type, line width, and other properties can be set.

6. [3D Drawing] 3D solid and surface models can be created, and the solid itself can be edited.

7. [Writing] It is easy to write characters at any graph’s position and direction. You can set attributes such as text font, tilt angle, and width scaling ratio.

8. [Network Function] You can publish drawings on the network or access AutoCAD resources through the network.

9. [Data Exchange] AutoCAD provides a variety of graphic and image data exchange formats and corresponding commands.

10. [Secondary development] AutoCAD allows users to customize menus and toolbars and use embedded languages such as Autolisp, Visual Lisp, VBA, ADS, ARX, etc. for secondary development.


In short, AutoCAD is a simple, lightweight application that can perform many tasks. In case of time pressure, it can replace the basic functions of AutoCAD on the computer. If you use AutoCAD on your computer, you should also install a simplified version of this software on your phone.

Thanks for using AutoCAD!
We fixed some bugs in this version, so the stability and performance is even better.
We are working around-the-clock to deliver new features and bug fixes, so stay tuned for more great things to come soon!
AutoCAD app apk download v6.3.1
Download AutoCAD app apk download v6.3.1 

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