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Assistive Touch app apk download for Android

Assistive Touch app apk download for Android
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Assistive Touch app apk download for Android

Assistive Touch is a very easy to use suspension ball that imitates Apple’s mobile phone. The content inside is very comprehensive. You can also set up small white heads in various colors. The task bar and auxiliary functions inside are very comprehensive and easy to use. You can enjoy the experience without letting go. Please come to the appplaystore to download and experience.

Assistive Touch features:

1. Customize floating icons of size and color.

2. Customize the color auxiliary touch menu.

3. Control the device through the “Auxiliary Touch” menu.

4. and more.

Assistive Touch function:

1. Auxiliary functions

After this function is turned on, a small box will appear on the interface of the phone, and clicking it will pop up four function menus. This small square can move freely in eight positions around the screen with the opening and closing of different programs to avoid “getting in the way”. It can also be adjusted manually.

2. Setting

Let’s start with the simplest. We don’t need to repeat the “home screen” at the bottom. Apple has finally built a virtual home key into the system, and it also supports double clicking to pop up multiple task bars. With it, those friends who are obsessed with the easy damage of the home key and can’t escape from prison can finally be freed.

3. Function interface

The “gesture” at the top is to let users use one finger to achieve the effect of multiple fingers sliding on the screen. Click it, and multiple finger contacts will appear on the screen. You can use only one finger to perform the operation that originally required multiple fingers.

What is Assistive Touch?

This is an application that can help you create virtual Home keys on Android devices. The process of creating virtual keys is fast, easy to operate and highly customized. Like any virtual Home key on iPhone, the virtual key is flexible, smooth and accurate.

Importantly, Assistive Touch is completely free of advertising.

How does the virtual key created by Assistive Touch work for you?

The Home button created by Assistive Touch will help you complete the following series of tasks:

Tap to unlock the screen

Open Recent Tabs and Tasks

Adjust the volume with one touch: increase or decrease the volume, adjust the volume to 0 or switch to vibration mode

One click to open your favorite applications

Turn custom settings on and off at the touch of a button


In a word, if you want to have a virtual Home key group on your mobile phone, download Assistive Touch, and then slowly explore your feelings. There are many cool things. Believe me, one day you will get used to these virtual keys and don’t want to return to physical keys.

Assistive Touch app apk download for Android
Download Assistive Touch app apk download for Android 

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