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Assistant Pro mod apk download for Android v24.21

Assistant Pro mod apk download for Android v24.21
  • Updated
  • Version 24.21
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer AA Mobile
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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Assistant Pro mod apk download for Android v24.21

The Assistant Pro for Android APK brings all the functions that can help you manage your Android phone. It also helps you manage the status of your device, saving battery power and making your phone run more efficiently.

Assistant Pro for Android: Easily and efficiently manage your Android phone and tablet

How is the Android Assistant Pro different from the virtual assistant application on the previous mobile phone?

When it comes to applications that support phones, you will immediately think of familiar names, such as Siri, Cortana, or Google Now. But there must be a reason for the emergence of applications that support multiple functions, such as Assistant Pro for Android. The reason here is that these names do not have functional differences.

Android Assistant Pro is a better choice:

There was a time when Google Now, as a virtual assistant supporting both iOS and Android, attracted much attention. But then Google Now also exposed many major defects, such as web search, and returned the necessary results quite badly. The included functions are not convenient for users. At the same time, the professional version of Android assistant with multitasking, minimalist design and batch processing functions is displayed on the main application interface. Therefore, Assistant Pro for Android is obviously more convenient. Users can easily find a comprehensive mobile phone management tool to better use it, optimize efficiency and save the battery life of mobile phones.

Intelligent multi task cleaning and management feature set:

Assistant Pro for Android can help you manage almost everything on your phone, so that your phone can stay organized and work more efficiently.

First is the process management function (Auto Boost and Quick Boost). Android Assistant Pro can distinguish different types of processes, so it will not make mistakes or miss important application and system processes.

The next step is to help better manage the phone status function. The Android assistant always monitors the detailed status of the device regularly and in real time, including CPU, AM capacity, ROM, SD card and battery. In this way, you can keep track of the actual status at any time to see whether the capacity is full, whether some of the memory is occupied too much, or whether it is time to charge the battery? This information will help you react quickly, such as proactively grooming files to reduce memory load and prepare for downloading new files.

Or, if you don’t want to clean your phone yourself, you can use the cache cleaning function in Assistant Pro for Android. This process will help clean up the system and scan mobile storage types, such as cache, thumbnail cache, temporary files, log files, empty folders, empty files, browser history, clipboard, historical market, Gmail history, Google Earth history. This application will check the size of each item again and provide suggestions to the user to decide which parts to delete.

This function is especially useful for those who use large capacity mobile phones and have experienced storing and copying too many files, resulting in information congestion. The application will automatically clean and organize your phone, after which you can view and delete more content as needed.

Help save battery and manage startup:

Assistant Pro for Android can also help users manage files and boot loader, thus saving batteries used through connection or automatic modes (such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps, automatic synchronization, automatic screen rotation, tactile feedback, screen brightness, standby time) As a result, your phone will consume less battery than before. You will find that the automatic management, cleaning and handling of Assistant Pro for Android is very good, especially the battery life.

Control a range of additional features on your phone:

With Android Assistant Pro, you can also control many other small functions, such as controlling the volume, re selecting the phone ring tone, and selecting the start time. Just open the application screen, and everything will be displayed in one place. You can easily operate without switching back and forth between different independent functions as you do on your phone.

Assistant Pro for Android also helps manage widgets quickly and cleanly. It also facilitates bulk installation or backup and recovery of applications, even if removed from your device.

Generally, you can use Assistant Pro for Android to complete most of the different tasks on your phone. Just go to the main screen of Android Assistant Pro and you can customize everything on your phone.


Assistant Pro for Android is one of the applications you should download to help save battery power, closely manage everything, monitor and quickly perform all auxiliary operations. Let’s download this useful application to get a better experience when using your phone.

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Assistant Pro mod apk download for Android v24.21
Download Assistant Pro mod apk download for Android v24.21 

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