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Armed heist shooting gun game mod apk download v2.7.1

Armed heist shooting gun game mod apk download v2.7.1
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Armed heist shooting gun game mod apk download v2.7.1

Armed Heist is a very exciting and dynamic and exquisite 3D shooting mobile game from the third-person perspective, which allows gamers to be in the scene. The screen design style is very novel and unique, and the new shooting survival method is unique.

In the game, players need to play Become a criminal, rob and take all kinds of bad things, bringing players a very novel game experience, what are you still hesitating, come and download it.

Armed Heist game introduction:

Armed Heist mobile game is an action shooting mobile game of tough steel wind. Open Armedheist mobile game and you will find epic crime spree, bank robbery and armored vehicles have never been so interesting, armedheist mobile game will definitely satisfy your challenge desire!


1. In a challenging 3D environment, an action shooting mobile game with tough steel wind;

2. Challenges challenge tasks, challenges that will be updated every 8 hours, such as killing 10 people with headshots, etc., will reward diamonds and boxes, and the accumulated experience can open a big box;

3. SafeHouse, this is the player’s equipment attribute interface, where you can replace and upgrade weapons and equipment, open boxes, etc.;

4. GameMap crime map, which is where you enter the game and start the mission.

Game Highlights:

1. The dynamic task database provides players with a variety of optional tasks. From small raids to gang looting operations, players can choose various tasks at will and play freely.

2. From sniper rifles to assault rifles to small submachine guns, there are more than 30 unique weapons for you to choose from. After choosing the most desirable weapon, you can adjust the sight, silencer, grip, barrel, butt Other important components that affect the performance of the weapon are modified. You can also modify the pure pursuit of aesthetics. Each weapon is equipped with a large number of skins, which will definitely dazzle you.

3. The same loot mission will not appear twice. There are some differences in the mission of each scene based on your gameplay.

Game Features:

1. The icon of the Shop shopping cart is the store pull, and the mode does not require krypton gold;

2. With the shooting world as the background, relive the shooting journey at your fingertips; it is a graphical and immersive game.

3. Crime Map – A dynamic job database that lets players pick and choose from available jobs.

4. Dynamic Scenarios – No loot ever the same way twice. Each scenario will depend on how you play it.

5. Weapons and Modifications – Players have over 30 unique weapons to choose from, covering everything from snipers and assault rifles to compacts. Once you get one you like, you can modify it.

Fixed Match-Making. Users should properly get matched on PvP and PvE separately.
Fixed crashes in Match-Making.
Fixed HUD in PvP.
Armed heist shooting gun game mod apk download v2.7.1
Download Armed heist shooting gun game mod apk download v2.7.1 
Unlimited All, Immortality, God Mode
Download - 59.3M

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