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Archero v4.7.2 Mod Apk [Menu/God/DMG/HP/Speed/One Hit] Download

Archero v4.7.2 Mod Apk [Menu/God/DMG/HP/Speed/One Hit] Download
  • Updated
  • Version 4.7.2
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Habby
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Become a hero in Habby’s newest action game and embark on an epic adventure into the world of Archero. Command your archer hero and fight various enemies in fast and fun gameplay. Learn more about this amazing game through our review.


Archero Story

As a lone archer surrounded by monsters and enemies, the player must help our protagonist find a way out of his predicament. Use your extraordinary bow shooting skills to defeat waves of enemies and fend off their attacks while accumulating skills and abilities.

Experience a unique archery game in Archero game and explore dozens of interesting aspects this game brings.

Archero Features

These are all the fun features you need to know about this game:

Simple and Intuitive Controls

Players will be introduced to a simple and intuitive mechanic where you can easily place your hero in the right position and shoot deadly arrows at enemies by dragging and releasing the bow in a specific direction.

At first, you’ll find it easy because there’s almost nothing you can’t do. However, as the game progresses, new monsters with more powerful abilities will appear in large numbers, enough to make any normal person frightened.

But, as the only hero in the game, you have nowhere to run, and you can’t go backwards. Use your excellent archery skills to defeat multiple enemies when they attack you.

Complete the dangerous task ahead

As you start your journey, you will enter a series of fun and exciting levels. You’ll progress further as you learn more about the art of archery and defeat enemies who stand in your way. In each level, you’ll have to face annoying monsters that constantly haunt you, as well as powerful enemy bosses that you’re unlikely to defeat.

Follow an epic and captivating story

In Archero, you are a lone archer with no one to turn to. You can only trust your bow and arrow. Make sure they fly like your heart does. In a world where existence will bring you down, evil will have no mercy. Use your great archery skills to get out of difficult situations and remember to never give up.

Choose skills and abilities to help you along the way

Start the game as a beginner archer with few skills and no special abilities. Slowly, but surely, you must defeat your enemies and collect new upgrades for your characters. Unlock special abilities as your hero evolves according to your fighting style. Pick random and unique skills, strengthen them and enter the battle.

Utilize different skill sets

In Archero, players are also introduced to various skill sets that can be equipped to make your heroes more capable in battle. Make sure to pick the right combination of skills to defeat the enemies that stand in your way.

Explore hundreds of different maps with different gameplay

When you travel in Archero, you will have the opportunity to travel between hundreds of different maps around the world. Each map has its own challenges and advantages. As a good archer, it’s your job to focus on the strategic elements so you can find a better fit. Explore a unique world in Archero while enjoying epic battles.

Fight monsters with exciting attacks

During this journey, players must always be ready for any challenge. In this case, you should be ready to fight unique monsters in the game. Each of them has a unique set of attacks that you may find annoying. Use your skills and creativity to find the right way to win the game. Most importantly, you must be prepared to fight the mighty bosses in Archero.

Power up as you progress further in the game

Your heroes must level up to gain new powers and abilities. As you level up in Archero, you’ll also collect various equipment. Use them effectively when defeating enemies in seconds.

Find your own story

You might be wondering why you got into this mess in the first place. The only way to get answers is to keep going. The answer lies behind those closed doors. Find your origin in the epic archer game Archero.

Play games anytime, anywhere

The game has a fast and fun gameplay that allows you to enjoy it anytime and anywhere. This relaxing game is perfect for travel gaming experience as it offers fun archery competition that you can enjoy anytime.

Play for free

Despite all the amazing features it offers, this game is still free to play. This way gamers can easily download and install it on their devices without paying anything. However, the game comes with some in-app purchases, which might irritate you a little.

Archero visual and audio quality


Archero has beautiful cartoon graphics and offers friendly gameplay suitable for all ages. In addition, vivid and eye-catching visual elements will keep you satisfied throughout the gameplay.

Archero audio/Music

Enjoy an epic soundtrack while activating Archero, and battle enemies with vivid sound effects. You can even hear your arrows flying towards the enemy as you shoot them. Feel like you have become a real archer.

Download Latest Archero Mod APK Android 4.7.2

With simple yet addictive gameplay, Archero is undoubtedly a great casual game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

1. Newly Added:
- Main Chapters
- New System: Relics
- Christmas outfits, timed event and gameplay
- Lv.13 Jewel: new total Jewel level effect available now. Increased Lv.7-12 Jewel stats
2. Ancient Legendary Glyph quality
3. Expedition stages up to 700
4. 5th support monster slot at Brave Privileges Lv.6
5. Up-close Dangers and Flying Bullets gold and equipment drop rates up
6. Main Chapters 16-40 stage difficulty slightly reduced
7. New Legendary Challenge season with Island Merchant event
Archero v4.7.2 Mod Apk [Menu/God/DMG/HP/Speed/One Hit] Download
Download Archero v4.7.2 Mod Apk [Menu/God/DMG/HP/Speed/One Hit] Download 

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