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AppLock MOD APP APK Download v5.6.2

AppLock MOD APP APK Download v5.6.2
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AppLock MOD APP APK Download v5.6.2

AppLock Crack, a super good cell phone encryption tool. The software supports encryption of cell phone applications, photo albums, file managers, programs, etc. It supports password, gesture, fingerprint custom locking, third party access can automatically send warning emails, safe and efficient.

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Remove the restrictions of the professional version, all features are free to use.

Software Features.

by application

Locking of any application.

System Lock

locking the installation and uninstallation, come to point.

Pattern lock

Integration with the system, harmonious and clean.

PIN lock

More PIN locks, password locks.

Functional Function

Protect (lock) installed programs with passwords (numbers, letters), patterns, gestures, fingerprints

Lock screen brightness and screen rotation direction

Take a picture and send it to your email if someone accesses your application

Lock or unlock the device remotely via SMS text

Turn off the screen while certain applications are running.

Lock/unlock using widgets and notification bar.

Restrict unlock attempts to prevent others from continuing to try to unlock.

Support the ability to lock outgoing/incoming calls.

Support the function of locking WiFi, Bluetooth.

You can automatically lock newly installed applications.

When running certain applications that can automatically rotate the screen (or fix it vertically).

Protect private data, privacy and keep security and apps protected/more secure.

AppLock App Lock is a more flexible and professional application locking software to use. Normally we use our phones with a password lock so that we can avoid others from using our phones. AppLock is a flexible and professional application locker.


1. Support the use of password, gesture or pattern to lock the application protection.

2. Support to lock the brightness and rotation direction of the screen.

3. Provide widget function to lock and unlock quickly.

4. The number of unlocking times is limited to prevent others from trying to unlock the phone multiple times.

5. Can lock the phone’s outgoing and incoming phone functions.

6. Supports locking settings, gallery, contacts, SMS and applications separately.

Software Adventage

1. Application lock

All the applications in the phone can be easily locked.

2. System lock

Lock the installation and uninstallation of the system.

3.Pattern lock

Closer integration with the system, beautiful and harmonious and easy to use.

4.PING Lock

Provide a variety of ping lock and password lock options.

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AppLock App Faq

Protect privacy. Lock apps, hide photos. Supports fingerprint lock & cloud sync.
AppLock MOD APP APK Download v5.6.2
Download AppLock MOD APP APK Download v5.6.2 

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