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App Usage app apk download V5.50 (Premium Unlocked)

App Usage app apk download V5.50 (Premium Unlocked)
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App Usage app apk download V5.50

App Usage is a versatile and effective utility that helps users track all the progress or intensity of programs, applications and other services on their devices. It can also track the user’s usage time and internet data consumed by each program, among other things. Of course, they can set multiple access restrictions and create new notes or habits when using the device for a long time.

App Usage

Detailed Activity History

The first impression of the application is the usage time of each program, application, and content for a certain time and duration. Everything is perfectly linked together; even the user’s history is continuous to create a perfectly neat list with many different points of view.

Fill in various categories

If users want to know more about the total time spent using the device in a given period, they are free to divide it into different categories. Its stats and overview will help users understand their general habits from the last time they used any app.

Track your location

The app’s tracking feature automatically lists all locations and apps used in an accurate and specific map. Users can change the view for more information, contributing to reports on application usage.

Overuse reminder

If the user has the habit of using a certain application for a long time, he can set some necessary restrictions by himself. Access to the app is automatically blocked if the allowed usage time of the day is exceeded, which works great for parent-child mode.

Check internet consumption

The system will automatically record and provide users with accurate information about internet data consumption. All user activities such as watching videos, texting, and browsing news feed consume a lot of data and they can automatically adjust or limit mobile data consumption.

Battery usage

Battery consumption will also be closely monitored, filtering out how much power each app consumes compared to the last time the device was charged. Users can disable apps or services that are consuming the most or running in the background to optimize the device based on battery consumption metrics.

App Usage can track and provide device information to users and recommend more processing tools for certain categories. They can also export all information into special formats and use them in related documents.

★ support the Slovak language
★ send me an email if you'd like to help with the translation
★ bugs fixed and optimizations
App Usage app apk download V5.50 (Premium Unlocked)
Download App Usage app apk download V5.50 (Premium Unlocked) 

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