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Always On Edge Mod APK Download 7.6.3

Always On Edge Mod APK Download 7.6.3
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Always On Edge Mod APK Download 7.6.3

This site brings you aoe running light software download mobile version, are running light software mobile version has more bullet screen content options, friends can always edit and set in Led running light app, suitable for a variety of scenes, more convenient and practical, you can turn your phone into the Led screen in a few seconds. Whether it is all kinds of text or other text, it can be done by smart input, it can also set the speed, color, size, and so on, so you can easily deal with whether it is an airport arcade, concert, and so on, interested friends come and download it.

Software features

1、Led running lights, font size: rich choice of font color, size, and style

2、Led pop-up, speed customization: pop-up speed, display direction, and effect adjustable

3, LED light board, custom background: dynamic background, built-in cool dynamic effects, background music

4、LED display, color template customization: one key to complete the best match between font and background

Software function

1、Customizable text font and size.

2、You can set all the text can be displayed in order.

3、You can set the scrolling subtitle text to the right or left.

4、You can set the flashing background and text.

5、You can set the gradient background and gradient text.

Software Highlights

1、You can draw your pattern and display it on the LED screen

2、You can also draw your patterns and display them on the LED screen.

3、Customize the speed and steering.

4、Customize text and background colors.

5、Each time you use it, you can choose various colors, various patterns, and various effects.

6、Simple and practical, you can save and load it every time you use it, and like scrolling led, it can display the input text.

Software advantages

1、Super realistic led screen effect, more realistic bullet screen effect.

2, pop-up screen speed/brightness adjustment, pop-up screen interface one key pause.

3, super practical pop-up screen function, interesting voice player.

4, super long pop-up history, replay pop-ups anytime, anywhere.

* Fixes permission isssue
* Notifications LED styles & Ticker
* Reminder Ringtones & Notify Priority
* Unique Animated Wallpapers
* Work with/in AOD or without, as you wish!.
* Tap To Light with AOD Tap To Show
* Intermittent Lighting Mode (50% less battery usage)
* Major performance and battery usage optimize
* Notifications on home screen widget
* Lighting Reminder/Repeater
* Customize per contact, account, group...
* Lighting when listening to music, calls, charging, live Wallpaper..
Always On Edge Mod APK Download 7.6.3
Download Always On Edge Mod APK Download 7.6.3 

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