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AllTrails app apk download v17.1.0

AllTrails app apk download v17.1.0
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AllTrails app apk download v17.1.0

AllTrails is responsible for tracking users’ jogging, walking pets, or some family activities. Recommend standard roads that are perfect for riding and enjoying. Complete your experience now with exciting rides. The GPS tracking device developed by the system will be your companion, and the travel route will be marked on the map to help you remember your favorites.


Explore all routes available on the system

With over 200,000 trails in AllTrails, there are even more exciting options to start your journey with. The system constantly updates the information related to the current path, and the user downloads the path information by directly storing the step number in the picture or text. For outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling or walking, you can have more companions and go on a trip together.

Record your activity and display it on the screen

The screen displays a complete map of the area where you participate in AllTrails. GPS is used to make your journey safer as all journey images are recorded. This allows you to control your range of motion and ensure you can’t go wrong while enjoying the great outdoors.

Provide directions and connect with friends

Ahead of any other travel logging app, AllTrails includes extra features to help you get used to the road. The route map will take you on a route with lush greenery and clean air. You can share the app with your friends and find other sources of connections to organize group trips. We will plant the seeds when your and your group’s activities are activated.

Do a good job in route tracking

AllTrails refines the release with every update that happens with every event. In addition to providing a list of routes, and showing jogging or car directions, the system will add other elements. For routes already traveled, users organize them into favorite folders to revisit on future trips. GPS records your journey anywhere as a top observer.

Main features

Track your route for the day, connect with friends, and do anything fitness-related.
Provide trails, bike paths, or some wilderness routes that cars can drive on. You can apply GPS to an entire route.
Records what happens on your route display your route on screen and let you keep track of where you’ve traveled.
Create map types layered in many forms, such as simple map satellite maps. Users can adjust it according to their needs.
Connect with friends to organize fun holidays and connect with friends through the virtual trees planted by the system.

Thanks for using AllTrails! This update includes:

We’re heading into 2023 with a fresh look!
For all you design heads out there, check out our updated logo, fonts, colors, and illustrations.

AllTrails Pro is now AllTrails+
If you were already an AllTrails Pro subscriber, everything is right where you left it. We’ll have more features coming very soon, but we’re starting with new name and a fresh look.
AllTrails app apk download v17.1.0
Download AllTrails app apk download v17.1.0 

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