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Alarmy Premium Mod APK App Download V5.42.05

Alarmy Premium Mod APK App Download V5.42.05
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Alarmy Premium Mod APK App Download V5.42.05

Alarmy alarm clock is a simple and practical cell phone alarm clock software, you can call it mission alarm clock to break the sleep alarm, and is a Chinese interface, users can set their own alarm clock, set a variety of ways to unlock the alarm clock, to help you more regular rate to get up and go to work. One of the biggest features of the software is the photo unlock alarm function, which is also the most gripping part. Users can set a photo as the way to unlock the alarm, and when the alarm goes off, you need to take a photo of the same to unlock the alarm. The key is to take a photo of the photo, if you choose the door sign downstairs, you do not have to get up to lift the alarm clock, suitable for friends who love to sleep.
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Basic introduction

Alarmy has been praised and recommended by Gizmodo, Cnet and other famous media, and the number of installations exceeded 10 million in the first week. Alarmy is now available in many countries and regions, and has been ranked No. 1 in more than 70 countries. The app was first launched on the iOS platform and is well remembered by users who have come across it. Here, to turn off the alarm clock, you need to take a picture or shake your phone.

Software features

1、Take a photo to release the alarm clock
First of all, set a photo as a way to release the alarm clock, when the alarm goes off, you need to take a photo of the same to release the alarm clock. About what kind of photos to take, sleep with your sister alarm clock will not be limited. You can take a picture of a corner of your home, or for those who are a little more self-involved, you can take a picture of your downstairs facilities, or a page from a book on the shelf. Of course, if you accidentally choose a photo taken during last year’s trip to unlock, then no one can really help you.
2, shake the phone to unlock
According to the degree of your “special hardship”, you can set the number of times you shake the phone, as well as the intensity of shaking the phone. The higher the requirement, the stricter the shaking judgment, when you set the need to shake hard 50 times to unlock, it is impossible not to be awake, right?

Software highlights

Disable phone shutdown: Disable turning off your phone when it rings
Disable app uninstallation: Disable uninstalling apps when ringing
Sleep record: Record your sleep time and improve your habits to help you sleep naturally
News, astrology: read the news to start today, check your astrological chart to prepare for tomorrow
Counting: add, subtract, multiply and divide immediately when you open your eyes, clear your brain and refresh your mind
Take pictures to solve the bell: what to take before going to bed, what to take when you get up, leave the bed to avoid bedlam
Shake the alarm: shake the phone as much as possible to promote blood circulation
Various alarm bells: provide dozens of alarm bells or add your favorite music

Update Log

Version 5.16.05
1、Software optimization.
2、Bug fix.

Meet Alarmy, new and improved!

- We have improved the stability and fixed minor bugs.

Help us improve the new Alarmy by providing any comments below!
Any ideas, big or small, help us a lot. :)
Alarmy Premium Mod APK App Download V5.42.05
Download Alarmy Premium Mod APK App Download V5.42.05 

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