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Adobe Scan Mod APK App Download V21.7

Adobe Scan Mod APK App Download V21.7
  • Updated
  • Version 22.11.16-regular
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Adobe
  • Genre Tools
  • Google Play
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Adobe Scan Mod APK App Download V21.7

Adobe Scan Mobile is a newly launched scanning application by Adobe, which has a powerful built-in OCR recognition system, you can easily scan documents into PDF documents, and for some important text can be directly identified and saved using the OCR function, which is very convenient. And, Adobe Scan is the most powerful than it can make the image of the graphics continue to save, there are tables, then the information in the form and the image of the text, all into computer text, so that you can achieve a reduction in the storage of video data, identify the text can be reused and analysis, of course, can also save the manpower and time due to keyboard input.

When users want to scan memos, receipts and business cards, the application can detect the edges of the document, capture and organize the image, correct the perspective, remove shadows, and use image recognition to detect and convert printed text. In addition, scanned documents can be converted to Adobe PDF, we can search, highlight, copy, edit and share PDF. at the same time, Adobe Scan using the company’s Adobe Sensei image processing technology, captured files can be uploaded and stored in the Adobe Document Cloud service, so, in summary, this is definitely a very conscientious application, and very pure. And very pure, like friends, hurry up and download it!

Note before use

1, a separate installation of Adobe Scan is completely unable to achieve the OCR function, you need to work with Adobe Acrobat Reader to achieve OCR … This is two applications, okay!
2, Adobe Scan and Adobe Acrobat Reader is a bit like the relationship between Google Photos and Google Scan, are scanned and digitized documents, one saved as PDF, one saved as a picture, and will be saved in the cloud.
3, Adobe Scan will open the camera, automatically find the file and automatically take pictures, which is very comfortable, but to overcome hand shake Oh. For the clarity of the document, with a tripod is the best way. And you can combine multiple pages of documents into a PDF file.
4, there is a problem is that Adobe Scan’s OCR function seems to be in the cloud processing, are successfully synchronized after a period of time, you can copy the text in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The way it works.

Adobe Scan official version features

1、Working way
– With the Adobe Scan scanner application, you can turn any content into scannable content.
– Using this PDF scanner, you can quickly create photo scans or PDF scans.
– Scan any document and convert it to PDF.
2. Capture
– This mobile PDF scanner can scan anything with 2265 precision.
– Advanced image technology automatically detects borders, sharpens scanned content and recognizes text (OCR).
3. Enhancement
– Retouch scanned content or photos from camera film.
– Whether it’s a PDF scan or a photo scan, you can preview, reorder, crop, rotate and adjust colors.
4、Clean up scanned content
– Remove and edit imperfections, erase smudges, marks, creases, and even handwritten content.
– Convert your scanned photos into high-quality Adobe PDFs to unlock text with the automatic text recognition (OCR) feature.
– With the OCR feature, you can reuse the text from each PDF scan.
6. Scan anything, anytime, anywhere
– Capture forms, receipts, sticky notes, and business cards with this mobile PDF scanner.
– The Adobe Scan scanner application even allows you to scan and save multi-page documents with one click.

Software Features

1. Reuse content
– The Adobe Scan PDF Scanner turns any content into scannable and reusable content.
– With the free built-in optical character recognition (OCR) feature, you can create high-quality PDFs that can be used in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application to reuse scanned text and content.
– You can even use Adobe Scan as a tax receipt scanning program to easily understand the details of expenses.
2. Quickly find documents in your photo library
– This powerful scanner application automatically finds documents and receipts in your photos and converts them to PDF scans, saving you a lot of hassle.
– The automatic OCR feature converts text into editable, resizable content that can be reused in other documents.
3. Save business cards to “Contacts”
– Business cards can be scanned so that Adobe Scan becomes an easy-to-use business card scanner and reader.
– The system automatically extracts contact information so you can quickly add it to your device contacts without typing anything.
4. Get more done anywhere, anytime
– Save every scan to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing.
– Even lengthy legal documents are easy to manage and scan with the Adobe Scan scanner application, so you can easily search, select and copy their text.
– In addition, you can open PDF scans in Acrobat Reader to highlight key sections, add comments, and fill out and sign them.

Software Highlights

1. Scan any content anywhere, anytime. Capture forms, receipts, sticky notes, and business cards. You can even scan and save multi-page documents as PDFs with just one click. With the free built-in optical character recognition (OCR) feature, you can
2. Create high-quality PDFs that work in Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you can reuse scanned content.
3. Get more done on the go. Save your scanned content to Adobe Document Cloud for instant access and sharing. Even lengthy legal documents become easy to manage, you can search for text, highlight key sections, and add notes.
4. Stay connected to services Adobe Scan connects you to the world’s best document services to do more with your PDFs. Edit, convert to Microsoft Office, fill out and sign, and send for signature tracking.

Software advantages

1, can convert any form of paper documents to PDF or jpeg and other electronic documents, easy to save.
2, fast scanning speed and high accuracy, making the office more convenient and efficient.
3、Make the phone into a portable scanner, you can work anywhere, anytime.
4、Recognize QR code and provide users with various operations such as accessing links and sharing after recognition.

• Performance and stability.
Adobe Scan Mod APK App Download V21.7
Download Adobe Scan Mod APK App Download V21.7 

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