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Adidas Running app apk download v12.18 (Unlocked)

Adidas Running app apk download v12.18 (Unlocked)
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Adidas Running app apk download v12.18

Adidas Training is a very useful app for those who want to have a fit and healthy body but don’t have much time to go to the gym. To save time, just train for a few hours with exercises that suit everyone and you can still have the perfect body. Also, you can practice with a professional trainer and record your exercises.

Adidas Running

Exercise at home

If you want to have a healthy, fit, and perfect body, people often think of going to the gym first. However, this is a limitation for some people who don’t have much time, so Adidas Training can help them practice even at home. Just open the app and follow the available exercises, no complicated tools or equipment are required. Just spend a few hours practicing hard on the app and you will definitely see visible results after a while.

Set goals and log your workouts

However, to nail down the practice, you need to set specific goals to perform on time and be more motivated. You just need to choose how often you want to exercise during the week, and the app will remind you every day. In addition, the app also has accurate measurement tools, which will automatically record your daily exercise process, such as calories, exercise time, etc. After each training session, you learn what you’re capable of so you can push harder.

Practice with video simulations

A feature that Adidas Training also brings to users is that they can find sports that are guided in detail by professional fitness trainers. In order to help users practice each movement more accurately, the app integrates high-definition videos to guide each exercise. It can be said that this function is like a miniature gym, you can walk and walk as you want.

Complete exercise set

The application fully integrates many different types of exercises to choose the one that suits you, especially divided into three levels. For those just starting out, it’s best to opt for low-intensity exercises like aerobics or yoga. If you’ve been practicing for a long time, you can try higher-intensity exercises for better results, such as Tabata and HIIT. These exercises will help you burn excess calories and get the healthy body you want.

Main Features

The app is designed to be able to provide its users with the best possible workouts in all conditions.
The ability to practice anywhere, especially at home, is always appreciated by users who are too busy to train.
Advanced exercises are also available for those looking to achieve good results with equipment.
The app will simulate workouts in a highly realistic manner with short videos of the highest quality.
There will be many different types of exercises with different training purposes for the user to choose from.

We've got a new look, but we're still the same app you know and love. Nothing will change in how you use the app. Our priority will always be to support you along your fitness journey.
Adidas Running app apk download v12.18 (Unlocked)
Download Adidas Running app apk download v12.18 (Unlocked) 

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