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ABA English Learn English app mod apk download v5.15

ABA English Learn English app mod apk download v5.15
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ABA English Learn English app mod apk download v5.15

ABA English Learn English is an English learning application that provides a comprehensive and effective method through video to help you improve all four skills at the same time: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

ABA English software functions:

1. ABA movies: The best way to learn English expressions, vocabulary and grammar is to watch the exclusive short film of ABA English app.

2. ABA situation: Practice English in a short teaching activity with the theme of daily life. The latest ABA scenario is updated five times a week to provide you with a dynamic learning process.

3. 144 video lessons: including effective and fun online teaching, covering all necessary English grammar.

4. Professional instructors: native English teachers will guide you in the learning process, help you master new expressions and specific vocabulary, improve your English level, and give you suggestions for improvement.

5. Six levels: ABA English app has courses suitable for all levels of English: elementary (A1), middle and low (A2), intermediate (B1), middle and high (B2), advanced (B2/C1) and business business (C1). What level are you at.

6. Certificate: You will receive an ABA English certificate every time you successfully complete a complete English level study.

7. Offline learning: As a senior member student, you can access the full course and all functions offline. Even if you are on an isolated island, there is no excuse not to learn English.

8. Progress: After completing each unit of learning, test your progress. Is your English improving.

9. Unique learning method: Linguistics experts from world famous universities agree that ABA English is a very intuitive and interesting English learning application.

ABA English software features:

1. Systematic learning: The learning process on the ABA English app consists of nine steps: ABA movies, speaking, writing, reading aloud exercises, video courses, exercises, vocabulary and evaluation. The whole process revolves around a curriculum package and is very systematic.

2. Situational learning: The learning methodology of ABA English app is based on the theory of “situational learning”, which aims to bring the living environment of English mother tongue online and give users an “intuitive” learning experience, while the film clip based learning method can improve the user experience.

3. Wide learning range: ABA English app has a wide learning range. In addition to oral practice, it also extends its learning content to English linguistics, semantics, English teaching, IT, programming, social media, e-commerce and other fields.

4. Natural learning: an English learning system based on the principles of natural learning, which imitates the same process of learning English abroad.


ABA English is the most comprehensive English learning application that everyone should have on their mobile phone. Download the app here.

You can now book your spot in the conversation classes. It's as simple as checking the next scheduled classes, picking the topic you're most interested in, and booking one. We'll see you there to practise speaking. Don't forget that there are sessions every day for all levels. What's more, in this update we've fixed bugs and improved performance.
ABA English Learn English app mod apk download v5.15
Download ABA English Learn English app mod apk download v5.15 

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