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8bit painter drawing app apk download latest v1.2

8bit painter drawing app apk download latest v1.2
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8bit painter drawing app apk download latest v1.2

8bit Painter is a very easy-to-use pixel-style painting software. It has a friendly interface and is easy to use. You can complete pixel painting in a few simple steps.

The software has rich colors that allow players to freely draw and create their favorite patterns, as well as a very comprehensive painting tool that can bring convenience to everyone’s creation.

In addition, you can also share your well-created pixel-style paintings on your circle of friends and social platforms, and use them as avatars.

Software introduction:

The software has a full color wheel, you can freely play as you want, you can adjust any color you want, or you see a color in the picture that you like but don’t know the RGB and 16-bit color code, you can add it to the layer to pick the color, Through this software, you can also draw pixel pictures at will.

Software advantages:

Fill Canvas: Tap the canvas with the Bucket Tool and fill it with a color of your choice Get Color: Eyedropper Tool Tap on the canvas to get a color

Quick Zoom Out: Tap the canvas with two fingers to quickly return to its original size Move Canvas: Use the Move tool to move the canvas

Move the canvas: Drag the canvas with 2 fingers to move

Switch drawing tool: Click the drawing tool button, switch to pen, bucket, eraser in turn Transparent Canvas: Switch the canvas to transparent or opaque

Create Color: Manipulate Hue, Lightness, Saturation, Create Color, Choose a Color Click on the Center of the Hue Circle

Save or delete a color: Click the (+) button to save the color to the user palette, click and press out the palette to delete it Preview mode: Confirm the current work progress in the preview mode

Software features:

* Multi-point movement of canvas size

*Undo and Redo* Eyedropper

* Canvas preview * Storage of work data (*up to 30)

* 96-color preset palette * 24-color custom palette

* 3 types of output image size

* Browse works already posted on Twitter

Software Description:

[Working data storage]

Save up to 30 pieces. Once your album is full, delete the old multiple pieces before creating a new one. Works deleted by long-pressing on the thumbnail.

[save custom colors]

You can save custom colors from 24 colors. Tap and hold the custom palette to delete saved colors.

[Ver.1.20.0 New Features]
# Create a new canvas of any size
Create a canvas by specifying any value when creating a new work of art.

# Change canvas size of existing work
Change the canvas size of an existing work to any size later.

# Export image with grid lines
Export the image while maintaining the display of the grid lines on the canvas.
8bit painter drawing app apk download latest v1.2
Download 8bit painter drawing app apk download latest v1.2 

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