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1945 air force airplane games apk download v9.97

1945 air force airplane games apk download v9.97
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1945 air force airplane games apk download v9.97

1945 air force is a fun shooting flight game, players can shoot freely, and various 2D style aircraft battle gameplay, allowing you to relive the fun of childhood arcade battles, the gameplay is very interesting!

1945 air force introduction:

Decades mark breakthroughs in games that are gradually improving. They change content and format to meet players’ entertainment needs. At the same time, many genres already have a place in many people’s memories. One of them that we can mention is shooting planes. All the while, there have been a number of games with inevitable success, such as Chicken Invader.

1945 air force game features:

  1. Offers a comfortable experience while offering a well-prepared environment.
  2. Observation is a must for all plane shooters as they require complete careful avoidance of many enemy weapons. It doesn’t take much effort to move too many characters (airplanes) in battle.
  3. The player controls the plane in a 2D plane and vertically. Like many games of the same type, your character will move at the bottom of the screen and more planes will appear on top.
  4. Weapons are mostly dropped from above, so be careful to dodge or blast them quickly without taking any damage.
  5. Depending on the type of enemy, it will change their number.


  • Games have a way of playing that anyone can easily approach. At the same time, some players who love aircraft shooting games will definitely be able to adapt to this game immediately and gradually master the mechanics of the game.
  • Players will try to move their characters and shoot enemy targets skillfully. It can be seen as the work you usually do in this game.
  • Each plane has its complementary skills that can be used appropriately to help the player in some difficult situations.
  • Skills all have cooldowns and arguably should only be used in the most challenging situations.

game instructions:

  • 1945 air force is a type of aircraft shooting game, which is not too new in the game market.
  • When you start playing the game, you’ll see those simple graphics that aren’t as pretty as today’s 3D games.
  • But it still has decent graphics for entertainment needs. At the same time, it also gives players little time to look away.
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1945 air force airplane games apk download v9.97
Download 1945 air force airplane games apk download v9.97 

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